India's Own Outdoor Clothing Brand

India's Own
Outdoor Clothing Brand

Gokyo Outdoor Clothing & Gear welcomes you to our flagship store in Malad. A tastefully designed store where you step into a world inspired by the mountains and outdoor adventures proudly crafted by Outdoor Professionals, where every product is designed to ignite your passion for the great outdoors.

A Note From The Co-founder

After nearly 3 decades of working in global apparel industry, Venki identified the need to addresss the niche segment for premium quality clothing for outdoor performance activities in India. Being an avid and passionate mountaineer himself and having already summitd the Mount Everest, Venki combined his idea and passion to create and launch Gokyo, to better serve the growing trekking community in India.

Our Customer Stories

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Dipankar Mazumdar

These Gokyo Sherpa Pants offer durability, flexibility, and ample storage, allowing you to capture stunning moments while staying comfortable throughout the journey. The ideal companion for adventurous friends on a trekking and photography expedition.

Kirtanbhai, Rajeev & Mihir

We have now been running for many years and have tried Multiple T-Shirts, but GOKYO T-Shirts are hands down one of the best quality we have come across in terms of quick dryness, breathability, lightweight and the best part is no stickiness on sweat. GOKYO has made our running experience easier and very comfortable

Surjo Chowdhary

The Gokyo Trekking Pants redefine excellence. With their exceptional performance and unbeatable comfort, these pants are the perfect choice for every trekking adventure. Indispensable gear for trekking enthusiasts seeking the best.

Yogesh Singh

Very Warm & Thoughtfully Styled Sherpa Series Tshirt for Cold Outdoors, Used for our Corporate Outbound in Nepal

Anuj Kabra

The Gokyo Trekking T-Shirt is a must-have for outdoor adventures. Lightweight and comfortable, it's an essential gear for any trekking expedition.

Dr. Saumil Shah

The Gokyo Hiking Pants are a fantastic choice for outdoor adventures. They are durable, comfortable, and functional. With their lightweight fabric, adjustable fit, and ample pockets, these pants offer versatility and protection. Highly recommended for hiking enthusiasts.

Sunil Dewali

The Gokyo Hiking Pants are a game-changer. With outstanding durability and unmatched comfort, these pants are perfect for any outdoor adventure. Highly recommended!

Vidhi Damani

The Gokyo Trekking T-Shirt and Pants are a match made in outdoor heaven. Their superior performance and unbeatable quality ensure a flawless trekking experience. A must-have combo for adventurers.


Gokyo's Sherpa Trek Pants are a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Combining reliability with a touch of style, these pants offer durability, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're trekking through rugged terrain or strolling in the city, Sherpa Trek Pants has got you covered.

Smruti Hora

Gokyo hiking t-shirts are the perfect choice for group outdoor expeditions. With their reliability and comfort, these pants keep everyone geared up for memorable adventures. A must-have for group treks!

Veena Srinivasan

Gokyo Trek T-Shirt is lightweight and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort on every trekking expedition.

Parth Upadhay

Gokyo Trekking Tshirt is versatile and functional, it ensures comfort and style during your outdoor escapades. Stay cool and adaptable with its convenient zipper design.

Ritesh Sapra

Gokyo Trekking Vest : The essential gear for optimal organization and functionality during your treks.

Liane Ghosh

I wore this Sherpa women's trekking pants from the Gokyo on my Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and it performed exceptionally well. Highly recommend!

Jiss Sojan

The Sherpa Pants is an extremely well-thought product created for the cold outdoors and it's lightweight and a great fit, yet very warm.

Vijay Srinivasan

Unite your trekking group with these reliable and versatile Hike Pants. Designed for durability and comfort, they ensure everyone can enjoy the adventure to the fullest.


Gokyo Sherpa Downfill Jacket and Trekking Pants areWarm, lightweight, and durable. Perfect for any adventure!